National Electrical Code 2017 Quick Reference Guide

National Electrical Code 2017

National Electrical Code 2017

The National Electrical Code for 2017 Quick Reference Guide from TPC Training is full of charts that organize electrical requirements for different systems and components. This 6-page 8.5'' x 11'' laminated reference guide is well-designed and delivers essential electrical code information at a glance and is ideal for technicians training to work with and troubleshoot electrical systems.

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This Reference Guide Outlines:

  • NEC 2017 Navigation Tips
  • Minimum Working Clearances
  • 90.3 Code Arrangement
  • Ampacity Tables
  • Breakers and Fuses
  • Common Enclosure Information
  • Equipment Grounding Conductors
  • General Motor Rules
  • Motor Locked-Rotor Designation and maximum Current
  • Conductor Properties
  • Conduit Fill and Conduit Support
  • Dimensions of Insulated Conductors and Fixture Wires
  • Ampacity and Correction Factors
  • NEMA Enclosures
  • Transformer Full-Load Current
  • Table 300.5 Minimum Cover Requirements

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