Spanish Textbook and DVD Materials

Spanish Textbooks and DVDs for your Non-English
Speaking Students Enrolled in Technical and Safety Education Programs

Do you have students in your technical or safety education programs that don’t speak English or prefer learning with Spanish materials? Schoolcraft Publishing provides over 35 of our most popular textbook titles in a Spanish translated format. In addition to our Spanish textbooks, we also have a large library of our supplemental DVD programs available in Spanish.


Each title below is available in a Spanish format

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Format Course
Book711 Reading Blueprints
Book712 Reading Schematics & Symbols
Book713 Mathematics in the Plant
Book717 Hand Tools
Book718 Portable Power Tools
Book719 Industrial Safety and Health
Book721.1 Basic Electricity and Electronics
Book722.1 Batteries and DC Circuits
Book723.1 Transformers and AC Circuits
Book724.1 Electrical Measuring Instruments
Book725.2 Electrical Safety and Protection
Book726.2 DC Equipment and Controls
Book727.1 Single-Phase Motors
Book728.1 Three-Phase Systems
Book729.1 AC Control Equipment
Book730.1 Electrical Troubleshooting
Book751 Semiconductors
Book791 Digital Logic Systems
Book731.1 Basic Mechanics
Book732 Lubricants and Lubrication
Book734.1 Power Transmission Equipment
Book733 Bearings
Book735 Pumps
Book736 Piping Systems
Book737 Basic Hydraulics
Book738 Hydraulic Troubleshooting
Book739 Basic Pneumatics
Book740 Pneumatic Troubleshooting
Book815 Machine Shop Practice
Book816 Machine Shop Turning Operations
Book820 Machine Shop Shaping Operations
Book818 Rigging
Book117 Welding Principles
Book118 Oxyfuel Operations
Book119 Arc Welding Operations
Book319 Equipment Installation
DVDCompressed Gas Cylinders
DVDEye Safety
DVDIndoor Air Quality
DVDMechanicals - Rough-in and Final
DVDAlternative Framing Techniques
DVDCeiling and Roof Framing
DVDConstruction Estimating - Industry Standards
DVDEstimating Building Materials-Home Construction
DVDFloor and Wall Framing
DVDFloor Coverings
DVDFrames - Doors and Windows
DVDFraming for Rough-ins
DVDInterior Doors, Frame, and Trim
DVDInterior Wall and Ceiling Finish
DVDIntroduction to Framing
DVDPlumbing - Rough-in and Final
DVDResidential Ceiling Framing
DVDResidential Floor Framing
DVDResidential Masonry
DVDResidential Plumbing
DVDResidential Wall Framing
DVDRoofing, Siding, and Finishing
DVDThermal Insulation and Vapor Barriers
DVDWall and Roof Sheathing
DVDAccident Investigation
DVDHAZWOPER: Accidental Release Measures and Spill Cleanup
DVDAsbestos Awareness
DVDBack Safety in Industrial Environments
DVDComputer Workstation Safety
DVDHAZWOPER: Confined Space Entry
DVDConfined Space Entry
DVDCrane Safety
DVDHazardous Spills
DVDDesign and Planning
DVDDOT HAZMAT - General Awareness
DVDDOT HAZMAT - Safety Training
DVDDriving Safety
DVDElectrical - Rough-in and Final
DVDHAZWOPER: Electrical Safety in HAZMAT Environments
DVDEmergency and Evacuation Procedures
DVDHAZWOPER: Emergency Response Plan
DVDHAZWOPER: Exposure Monitoring and Medical Surveillance
DVDFall Protection
DVDFire Extinguishers
DVDHAZWOPER: Fire Prevention
DVDFire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities
DVDFire Prevention in the Office
DVDFirst Aid
DVDForklift & Powered Industrial Truck Safety
DVDHand and Power Tool Safety
DVDHand, Wrist and Finger Safety
DVDHAZWOPER: Handling Hazardous Materials
DVDHazard Communication in Auto Service Facilities
DVDHazard Communication in Cleaning and Maintenance Operations
DVDHazard Communication in Healthcare Facilities
DVDHazard Communication in Industrial Facilities
DVDHazard Communication in the Hospitality Industry
DVDHazardous Materials Labels
DVDHearing Conservation and Safety
DVDHot Work Safety and the Permitting Process
DVDHeat Stress
DVDErgonomics in Industrial Facilities
DVDFire Prevention in Industrial Facilities
DVDHAZWOPER: Introduction to HAZWOPER Retraining
DVDBullying and Other Disruptive Behavior for Employees
DVDLadder Safety
DVDLocation and Excavating - Site Preparation
DVDLock-Out Tag-Out
DVDMachine Guard Safety
DVDMaterials Handling Safety
DVDHAZWOPER: Medical Surveillance Programs
DVDHAZWOPER: Monitoring Procedures and Equipment
DVDErgonomics in the Office
DVDOffice Safety
DVDOSHA Recordkeeping for Employees
DVDOSHA Recordkeeping for Managers & Supervisors
DVDOSHA Recordkeeping for Managers, Supervisors, and Employees
DVDHAZWOPER: Personal Protective Equipment
DVDPersonal Protective Equipment
DVDHAZWOPER: PPE and Decontamination Procedures
DVDHAZWOPER: Respiratory Protection
DVDRespiratory Protection and Safety
DVDRigging Safety
DVDSafety Audits
DVDSafety for Custodians
DVDSafety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention
DVDSafety Orientation
DVDHAZWOPER: Safety Orientation
DVDSafety Showers and Eye Washes
DVDHAZWOPER: Site Safety and Health Plan
DVDSlips, Trips, and Falls
DVDSupported Scaffolding Safety
DVDSuspended Scaffolding Safety
DVDHAZWOPER: Understanding Chemical Hazards
DVDWelding Safety
DVDHAZWOPER: Work Practices and Engineering Controls
DVDBasic Carpet Cleaning Methods - Part 1
DVDBasic Carpet Cleaning Methods - Part 2
DVDBasic Rest Room Cleaning
DVDDaily Floor Maintenance
DVDGround Rules for Professional Custodians
DVDHigh Speed Floor Maintenance - Machine Method
DVDHigh Speed Floor Maintenance - Manual Method
DVDInterior Office Building Cleaning - Part 1
DVDInterior Office Building Cleaning - Part 2
DVDMaintaining Janitorial Equipment
DVDStripping and Finishing Floors
DVDArc Flash
DVDElectrical Safety
DVDBasic Supervision of Custodial Personnel
DVDWorkplace Violence
DVDEmergency Planning
DVDLead Exposure in General Industry
DVDFitness and Wellness
DVDWinter Safety
DVDWorkplace Stress
DVDForklift Safety Industrial Counterbalance Lift Trucks
DVDBullying and Other Disruptive Behavior for Managers and Supervisors
DVDIntroduction to OSHA
DVDBack Safety in Office Environments
DVDFighting Fatigue in the Workplace
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