Pump Repair and Maintenance Quick Reference Guide

Pump Repair and Maintenance

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Pump Repair and Maintenance

The Pump Repair and Maintenance Quick Reference Guide from TPC Training includes classification diagrams, charts, and safety procedures that are essential while working with different industrial pumps. This 6-page 8.5'' x 11'' laminated reference guide is well-designed and delivers a lot of important information at a glance and is ideal for technicians training to work with and troubleshoot industrial pumps.

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This Reference Guide Outlines:

  • Pumping Systems Have Multiple Energy Sources
  • Safety Tips for Pumps
  • Volume and Capacity Equivalent
  • Pump Construction Types and Mounting Methods
  • Specific Gravity of Water
  • Pump Conversion Factors
  • Pump Impeller Types
  • Pump Mounting Methods
  • Formulas - Pumps and Fans (misc.)
  • Friction Head Loss Schedule - 40 Steel Pipe
  • Common Valves Used with Pump Systems
  • Pump Overview and General Properties
  • Formulas and Guidelines
  • Packing Seal
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Common Pump Terminology
  • Electrically Safe Working Conditions
  • Pump Performance Curves
  • General Rules of Tensioning


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