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Lathe-Machining Work in a Chuck

Course Number: 825

A sequential follow-up to the 324 textbook on lathe operation, the Lathe-Machining Work in a Chuck textbook covers chuck installation, boring and counterboring operations, thread cutting, and taper boring. It continues into special lathe operations that use faceplates, angle plates, and boring bars. It provides several real ""hands-on"" projects.

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Recommended Contact Hours – 8

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Preview a Chapter

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Lathe Setup and Workpiece Preparation

Topics: Chuck size selection; Installing a chuck and work in a chuck; Correcting misalignment; Using 3-jaw, 4-jaw, collets chuck, and mandrels; Removing chuck

Learning Objectives:

  • Select and install a chuck.
  • Install and center work in a chuck.
  • Use a 3-jaw and 4-jaw chuck.
  • Use a collet chuck.
  • Use a mandrel.

Chapter 2: Rough Turning and Finish Turning

Topics: Tool selection, installation, and alignment; Setting speed and feed; Rough turning; Cutting fluids; Longitudinal feed; Rough and finish turning; Facing

Learning Objectives:

  • Select, install, and align both a facing tool and a turning tool.
  • Set the correct speed and feed for facing and turning.
  • Rough turn a workpiece.
  • Finish turn a workpiece.
  • Face a shoulder

Chapter 3: Boring and Counterboring

Topics: Boring tool design; Installing a boring bar and bit; Adjusting cross feed; Rough boring; Coolants; Finish boring; Counterboring

Learning Objectives:

  • Select and install a boring bar and bit.
  • Select the speed and feed for boring and counterboring.
  • Make a trial cut
  • Rough bore and finish bore a workpiece.
  • Counterbore a workpiece.

Chapter 4: Cutting Internal Threads and Boring Tapers

Topics: Tool selection; Installing, aligning, and threading the workpiece; Checking finished threads; Boring tapers

Learning Objectives:

  • Select, install, and align a thread-cutting tool.
  • Machine internal threads in a workpiece.
  • Check finished threads.
  • Bore a taper using the compound-rest method.
  • Bore a taper using the taper-attachment method.

Chapter 5: Holding Irregular and Oversize Workpieces

Topics: Mounting workpiece on a faceplate; Using faceplate jaws, clamps, and angle plates; Facing large diameters; Specialized mandrel; Boring

Learning Objectives:

  • Mount and true a faceplate.
  • Use faceplate clamps and jaws.
  • Hold work on an angle plate.
  • Mount work on the lathe carriage for boring.

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