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Measurements (workbook)

Course Number: 161

The Measurements workbook covers Linear measurements; Working with fractions; Using calipers and the rule depth gauge; Micrometer and vernier measurement; Developing a sense of touch; Working with decimals in reading a micrometer; Using the vernier caliper and micrometer; Other measuring instruments with vernier scales; Using the dial indicator.

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Recommended Contact Hours – 2

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Preview a Chapter

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Linear Measurement

Topics: Linear Measurement; Converting Fractions; Improper Fractions; Adding Fractions; Subtracting Fractions; Measuring within Tolerance, The Outside Caliper; The Inside Caliper, The Slide Caliper, The Rule Depth Gauge

Chapter 2: Micrometer Measurement

Topics: The Outside Micrometer; Developing a Sense of Touch; Decimals; Reading Decimals; Adding Decimals; Subtracting Decimals; Tolerance; Multiplying Decimals; Dividing Decimals; Reading a Micrometer; The Scales; Converting Fractions to Decimals; Taking a Zero Reading; Measuring Flat Stock; Reading Inside Caliper and Depth Gauge Micrometers; The Inside Micrometer; The Small Hole Gauge; The Telescoping Gauge

Chapter 3: Vernier Measurement

Topics: The Vernier Micrometer; The Vernier Caliper; How to Read the 25-Division Vernier Caliper; How to Read the 50-Division Vernier Caliper; Measuring Objects with a Vernier Caliper; Outside Measurements; Inside Measurements; Other Measuring Instruments with a Vernier Scale; Vernier Depth Gauge; Vernier Height Gauge; The Dial Indicator; How the Dial Indicator Works; How to Read the Dial Indicator

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