Recommended Textbooks for Mechatronics Programs

Schoolcraft Publishing recommends the following textbooks for Mechatronics Programs:

The suggested curriculum for the technical portion of Mechatronics programs is divided into three levels that outline the natural progression students take through the various skills included in most Mechatronics programs. These levels were designed to reflect the nine duty areas identified in the industry skills standards that are recognized across North America.

Schoolcraft's Mechatronics Textbooks by Level

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Schoolcraft's Customized Mechatronics Textbooks

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Custom Mechatronics Textbooks

  • SCP 207 - Electromechanics and Pnauematics
  • SCP 226 - Industrial Maintenance
  • SCP 237 - Fundamentals of Industrial Machinery
  • SCP 245 - Tools and Instruments for Technicians
  • SCP 250 - Introduction to Power Technology
  • SCP 254 - Mechanical and Electrical Readings
  • SCP 275 - Electromechanical Devices
  • SCP 478 - Introduction to Automation
  • SCP 490 - Introduction to Mechatronics
  • SCP 498 - Automated Production Concepts I
  • SCP 499 - Automated Production Concepts II

*Exam copies are subject to availability, and may not be available for all customized textbooks.

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